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Coming this Valentine’s Day, Their Sinful Touch.

I hate witches!
Let me say that again for those in the back. I. HATE. WITCHES. Imagine my surprise when I learn my aunt has enrolled me in an academy run by witches. Havenson Academy. Nicknamed Haven Sin by its students. Why? Because it’s a haven for the sinful. It’s a school that welcomes the spawn of evil-doers. Which means only students from infamous families, who can’t get into respectable universities, enroll there. The rejects. The misfits. And worse, lots and lots of witches.
Let’s not forget S6, a notorious group of guys who are the big men on campus. A minor run-in with them places me on their enemy list. Their enemies don’t fare well on campus. I want to drop out. But I promised my aunt I would attend whatever college she chose for me. I’ll give it a year. During that time, I’ll try my best not to kill a witch or two. I’ll also try not to declaw a shifter while I’m there. All while trying not to be killed by the lunatic who’s been attacking Havenson students.
Oh, and let’s add to that list, try not to fall in love with a few members of S6 while there also. That one may be a little harder than the rest. Especially now that their inner animals have decided they want a taste of me and want to protect me from whoever is attacking Havenson students. Did I mention I’m a succubus? So even though I despise S6, that tasting part is right up my alley!
This is either going to be the worst year of my life or the best.
Let’s find out!

Welcome to Havenson Academy – A haven for the sinful.

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