New Release: Their Sinful Touch – A Paranormal Academy Romance.

I hate witches!
Let me say that again for those in the back. I. HATE. WITCHES. Imagine my surprise when I learn my aunt has enrolled me in an academy run by witches. Havenson Academy. Nicknamed Haven Sin by its students. Why? Because it’s a haven for the sinful. It’s a school that welcomes the spawn of evil-doers. Which means only students from infamous families, who can’t get into respectable universities, enroll there. The rejects. The misfits. And worse, lots and lots of witches.
Let’s not forget S6, a notorious group of guys who are the big men on campus. A minor run-in with them places me on their enemy list. Their enemies don’t fare well on campus. I want to drop out. But I promised my aunt I would attend whatever college she chose for me. I’ll give it a year. During that time, I’ll try my best not to kill a witch or two. I’ll also try not to declaw a shifter while I’m there. All while trying not to be killed by the lunatic who’s been attacking Havenson students.
Oh, and let’s add to that list, try not to fall in love with a few members of S6 while there also. That one may be a little harder than the rest. Especially now that their inner animals have decided they want a taste of me and want to protect me from whoever is attacking Havenson students. Did I mention I’m a succubus? So even though I despise S6, that tasting part is right up my alley!
This is either going to be the worst year of my life or the best.
Let’s find out!

“There’s one more thing that’s different in our world than in the human world?”
“I’m sure there’s more than one more thing,” I joked.
“True. This one thing is something you’ll notice a lot of on campus.” My aunt began tapping her feet. She only did that when she was nervous.
“You’re making me nervous. What is it?”
“Um, see, in our world, there are less males born every year than females. No one really knows why. That’s just how it’s always been. There are some theories circulating out there, but none have been proven correct.”
I wait for her to say more, then I shrug when she doesn’t. “Okay. A world with less males isn’t that bad. Maybe there will be less war.” I joked.
“Not funny. What I’m saying is, there’s more females than males.”
“Okay.” I’m still waiting for her to tell me why this is important.
“Because of that… um…”
“Auntie, just say whatever it is. We’re almost to our floor.”
“You’re right. I mean, you’re grown. You’re an enchantress. You can handle this.”
Oh shit. Now I’m really nervous. “Auntie, say it!”
“Okay! Stop yelling. In our world, most relationships are polyandry relationships.”
“Who’s that?”
“That isn’t a person. It’s an um, lifestyle. It benefits society if we form polyandry relationships. So, don’t be surprised if you see polyandry couples on campus.”
I’m so freaking lost. In school, I learned that poly means many. What the hell does andry mean?
“You don’t get it, do you?”
“Not at all.”
My aunt sighs. “I’ve really sheltered you too much.”
“I agree. What does it mean?”
“On campus, you may see females who have multiple boyfriends.”
I laughed. “Female players? I like it.”
“No. Not players.”
“Hoes? To each its own.”
“No, sweetie. They’re in love with more than one male. And, they may even end up marrying two or three, sometimes four or five…”
“Wait. Hold up. Stop the press. Are you telling me these hoes out here are marrying…”
“Not hoes. Never refer to them as that. Don’t even think like that. Brae, this is our way of life. There are too few males. Too many females. To balance it out, females are allowed to date and marry multiple males. And to be fair, males, if they want, can marry more than one female. However, it’s usually the females who do it.”
Surely, I’m not hearing this right.
“I’m telling you this because, if you decide you want to be with more than one guy, even three, your uncle and I are okay with that. Just so you know. Maybe this is enough learning for now. I’ll tell you more about Havenson when we get home.”
I stare at the elevator doors as we near our floor. I’m in shock. No, I’ve passed shocked. I’m… I don’t know where the hell I’m at. My mind is blown. It was blown over an hour ago, now it’s drifting out in space. I keep learning stuff that surprises the hell out of me. But this, this is extreme.
My aunt has just given me permission to be a hoe.
Who does that?

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